Want to take lessons??  You are at the right place!!

The lessons will be given at Sommer Music Store Gorinchem or Muziek vereniging Eensgezind Nieuwkoop.

Hit the contact tab for info.





Interested in my grooves, fills and every thing i play?

Contact me for recordings for your single, album, jingle and so on.


How does it work?

Send the music that needs drums. You could also send reference tracks to point me into a direction of playing style or let me play what comes to mind and what i think fits the music best. After i got the tracks that need drums i will study them and within a week you will get a rough total mix of the track. Here you can check if it's good or if it needs something. More, less, other grooves or fills. After it's all worked out by contacting each other and both party's agreeing about the track, you can choose for a "dry" or "wet" drum mix, single drum mix or multiple stems for self mix, audio or midi drums.



Music production & more

Want me to produce your tracks, record a voice over for your audio or make sounds, jingles or everything else for your work/project!!

Contact me by filling in the form on the Contact page!!